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Thread: Vise Handle

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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Vise Handle to our Vises category,
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    Quote Originally Posted by rossbotics View Post
    Thanks PJs
    I machined the 9/16" hex broach to .585" across the flats of the hex, after hardening it was set up in the tilting dividing fixture and ground to .570" across the flats which gave some wiggle room on the hex of the vises screw and allowed for a couple of sharpening's, it's also ground at a 3° taper to allow for the 1° wobble in the broaching tool and to give the cutter some side clearance as it passes through the hole.
    It works very well, here is a photo of the grinding process on the 9/16" broach

    Thanks PJs

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    Thank you for the detail of the broach. 3.8 thou per side clearance seems to be a fine fit to me, considering a slight radius on the corners of the vice screw head. Broaching always seemed to be a bit of a black art to me but all makes sense when the details are known. It just shows how a goodly amount of thinking can go into a simple handle design that some people would just take for granted. Pretty sure your little finger forgot more than most know.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience.
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    Thanks MountainMan


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