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Thread: Vise for Sensitive Drill Press

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    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press

    After the completion of the Sensitive Drill Press that I recently posted I decided that it should have its own dedicated vise.

    The vise measures 1.500” wide X 1.625” tall X 4.375” Long with a 1.750” jaw opening, it’s constructed from O-1, 4140 and 1018 steels, the parts that were made from O-1 and 4140 were oil hardened, tempered and ground, although all parts were ground square.

    The base and fixed jaw are two separate pieces and were made from O-1 tool steel that have been hardened and ground square, the fixed jaw is secured to the base by means of two dowel pins and two socket head cap screws, after assembling these two pieces they were then reground as a unit all over to insure squarness.

    The sliding jaw is made up of two pieces also, it consist of a 4140 hardened and ground steel jaw and a 1018 steel sliding block, the jaw is secured to the sliding block by two socket head cap screws, the sliding block has a tongue machined onto it that fits the groove in the base with near zero clearance, very extra attention was payed here.

    The screw was made from .750” round 4140 Pre-Hardened steel; the head of the screw has a hexagon milled onto it for the ease of turning with six .193” holes drilled thru the flats of the hex, this is so you can use a 3/16” punch or something of that nature if you need a little more torque on the screw.

    Both jaws have a 3/32” X 3/32” step machined into them for holding something in the top of the vise that’s thin and or narrow, the fixed jaw also has a vertical and horizontal V-Groove machined it for holding round or square stock.

    The vise is very precisely made, it can be used as a tool makers vise on the surface grinder, milling machine or just for holding something small for layout, this vise will have many uses.

    Below you will find some photos of the machining processes along with some photos of the completed vise and a set of drawings for anyone who would like to make one of these vises.

    As always, Thanks for looking and Happy Machining

    Comments are always welcome


    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-1.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-2.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-3.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-4.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-5.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-6.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-7.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-8.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-9.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-10.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-11.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-12.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-base.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-end-plate.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-jaws.jpg

    Vise for Sensitive Drill Press-screw.jpg
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    Comments are always welcome

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    Beautifully made like a piece of art beside being very precisely made. It is a joy to look at.

    Regards, Paul

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    Thanks rossbotics! We've added your Drill Press Vise to our Vises category,
    as well as to your builder page: rossbotics's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Nice work! Functional and beautiful.

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    Reminded me of one of my apprentice pieces from over 40 years ago. Slight different as our base was machined from solid including fixed jaw and closure thread end, thread insert in bronze with a 1/2" Acme thread for that too. After machining the whole thing was hand-scraped to achieve final flatness and angular tolerance, then the sliding jaw was made to match. I still use it occasionally, but 40 plus years of use and poor storage between homes has left its mark.

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    Congratulations rossbotics - your Sensitive Drill Press Vise is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Interesting win, and it comes two weeks after winning for the original Sensitive Drill Press. This seems to be a rising trend in homemade tool building: the building of accessories for homemade tools. Custom stands, jigs, fixtures, vises, etc. This also serves to delay the fear of every homemade tool builder: that you might one day be forced to build a non-tool item.

    Some nice picks from this week:

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    D1-4 Mounting Plate by thehomeengineer
    Lathe Tumbler Modification by olderdan
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    Tree Grapple by Viny
    Blank Gear Arbor by Captainleeward
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    Index Plate Handle Modification by Captainleeward

    rossbotics - this is your 21st Homemade Tool of the Week win. Four more and you'll be the first winner of our 25-Time Homemade Tool of the Week award.

    We've added your tool entry to our All Homemade Tool of the Week winners post. And, you'll be receiving a $25 online gift card, in your choice of Amazon, PayPal, or bitcoin. Please PM me your current email address and gift card choice and I'll get it sent over right away.

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    Very, very nice work.

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