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Thread: Wall plastering machine

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    Wall plastering machine

    Wall plastering or rendering machine.


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    This is quite an interesting video of the automatic rendering machine.
    I lived in China for more than 5.5 years, and typically all of the walls are manually mortared using trowels and lots of guys.

    Some background for folks on China building construction. They typically build a building by using massive poured concrete & rebar columns and pillars. Then the walls are filled in with either bricks (as shown in the video) or a very lightweight block. Then they put a skim coat of mortar over everything to smooth it out, and then that gets painted and is your finished wall. No insulation of any sort is used.
    It also means that to hang a picture on the wall, you need a hammer drill, and concrete anchors. It also means that the mortar cracks and flacks off over time. And the entire building is a pain to heat and cool because there's no insulation... but the Chinese have "solved" that... no heat in the winter, and no AC in the summer. Just turn on the heat when the foreigner comes to visit, and the cold room just sucks the heat right out of you!
    I'm so glad to be back in the US where we have insulated walls and consistent heating/cooling.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting video!

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