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Thread: What is this tool?

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    So here's an example new "What is this tool?" post in the format described in my last post: What is this tool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    We can crop, overlay, or even add additional objects into the image, like a logo or generic tool image. However, any photo manipulation we can do to the image can be undone. For now I think our best bet is to search the various forums and blogs for the best such mystery tool discussions, and post about the ones that are still genuine mysteries. If someone can, through clever searching, determine the identity of the tool, than we can consider that to be valid detective work, and a perfectly legitimate solution to the mystery.

    I don't remember when I first started using the similar image search, but I will say that the camera icon's purpose eluded me for a while. It seems to say: "This is an image search", rather than "Click me to search by image".
    Agreed about the Kewlness of this feature. I hadn't ventured down that rabbit hole but did find some interesting things.

    First I did the hammer!

    I did a couple of searches based on Marv's post of What is this tool? First was that his tool is on his photobucket which drops no less than 40+ tracking cookies and they use their own renaming system as many of photo storage places and the stock photo URL's do, plus some use overlays. When I first did it I saved it "As" to my desktop and then camera searched on it...and got an invalid Jpg message. I attributed it to the Pinterest imbed possibly...but this morning I tried it again and got all the Reimer Emasculator links I would ever want to look at...Not!

    As a third test I used the images I had posted at the bottom of his post with. I had purposefully changed the titles to image1/2 but they were saved directly from the website Here are results from search 1 and search 2.

    These I believe give a bit of clue to how their algorithm works.

    I am in agreement Jon that the proper HMT key is to solve the mysteries by someones direct knowledge, or deduction with discussion and a likely conclusion...and if someone uses a valid form a search which has some reasonable validation that can be shared in a quality manor. As for pictures I wouldn't manipulate anything but the name and resize for web if necessary. Any other manipulations may deceive the discerning eye and mind.

    To me this mystery stuff brings out the historian in me, wanting to know how we got from a-b and the stories and needs for development and design...those are the things HMT are founded on imho.

    As for religion and guns, I guess I'm mostly a Pagan or Hindu with a hint of Heinlein, and would never appeal to a mans better nature, he may not have one....invoking his self interest gives you more leverage. Think the jury is still out for the long game with Google.

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