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Thread: What is this tool?

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    It looks to me,

    My uncle used to have a tool much like this. He used it on the chain drive on his old corn-picker, (2 rows, hooked on to his IH 400 and picked the whole cob.) It was used by putting the bolt thru the next link in the chain, and then pulled the chain tight with a wire thru the hole in the handle. Every time you took this unit off or put it on the tractor, you had to break the chain to take it off. The chain had tubes and a bolt in the master link to put it together or to take it off. You put this on the link past the bolt, and by putting pressure you could get the bolt out, or put it thru. I remember his was a little different, but I do remember the spring, and the fact he repaired it a few times when the wire broke through the handle like that. He used the handle and a piece of wire because it was easier to wire it off and use both hands to put it together.
    Not positive, but it is close.
    -Link breaking tool.
    -Tie rod adjuster.
    -Electric fence ferrule crimping tool.
    -Chain link post crimping tool.
    -Handle on a steam engine's engine brake valve.
    -Wire twister.
    -Diesel engine spring compression tool.
    -Fine adjustment tool for soft copper tubing.[/QUOTE]

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    Hi Guys,
    maybe Ron725 is in fact close to the truth, it may indeed be for removing pressed ferruls (of the figure of eight type) on swaged cable in order to do repairs. Or for that matter installing figure of 8 swages.


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