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Thread: "What's in your box? 2016 Tool Giveaway" hosted by Keith Fenner

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    "What's in your box? 2016 Tool Giveaway" hosted by Keith Fenner

    Now that there are thousands of members to - Encyclopedia of Homemade Tools, I am sure others are contributing tools to this year's tool giveaway hosted by Keith Fenner on his YouTube channel.

    If so, what are you contributing or making for the 2016 event?

    I am almost finished with two pairs of machinist jacks for this year's "What's in your box? 2016 Tool Giveaway". I am using an improved design of the ones I previously posted at More Accessories for Small Machinist Jacks . One of main improvements is making these from 1144 Stressproof Steel and considerably stronger than the 12L14 steel I used for the posting at HMT.

    The "What's in your box?" tool giveaway that also includes several machinist toolboxes is a very worthy event and a wonderful opportunity for others to contribute.

    Regards, Paul Jones

    P.S. I completed the machinist jacks on September 26, 2016 and now preparing to send to Keith Fenner (see Forum post at Small Machinist Jacks for "What's in your box? 2016 Tool Giveaway" ).

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