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    An 8 wooden disc, cut with the CIRCLE-CUTTING JIG FOR BAND SAW, attached to a threaded flange (dont tell anyone, but here I am reusing a discarded oil filter), and sandpaper glued to the disc face, turns the wood lathe into a disc sander.

    WOOD-LATHE DISC SANDER-dsc07404a.jpg

    WOOD-LATHE DISC SANDER-dsc07410.jpg

    A table, clamped to the lathe table, supports the workpiece when straight borders are needed; otherwise, freehand sanding can be used. Again, I used the HOMEMADE MINI T-TRACKS, in a groove of the table, as an adjustable pivot for sanding circular pieces.

    WOOD-LATHE DISC SANDER-dsc07935a.jpg

    WOOD-LATHE DISC SANDER-dsc07933.jpg

    WOOD-LATHE DISC SANDER-dsc07936.jpg

    WOOD-LATHE DISC SANDER-dsc07937.jpg

    Regards, morsa

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    Thanks morsa! We've added your Wood Lathe Disc Sander to our Disc Sanders category,
    as well as to your builder page: morsa's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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