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Thread: Wood storage bins

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    Wood storage bins

    I have maybe a dozen old 275 gallon totes that cannot be cleaned for potable water storage but with winter coming on I wanted a good way to store some really dry wood to mainly use as kindling or in case I didn't want to have to haul up a load of wood for an extended cold snap or in the rain all I would have to do is step out to my carport and grab a bucket full or an arm load of dry well seasoned wood for building a fire.
    I cut the top on a pair of totes, leaving 1 side partially connected by only cutting several slots to form a hinge which would allow me to close the opening hopefully to deter most critters from entering
    Yesterday we hauled several loads on my big 2 wheeler/ trailer behind the wife's little lawn tractor to fill them Later we may add as many as 4 more totes for wood storage that way I can free up my wood shed for other uses
    Wood storage bins-20171030_144830.jpg
    Wood storage bins-20171030_155509.jpg
    It was good thing we did since this morning we woke to 36°f temps and heavy rain

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