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Thread: Wooden earphones housing with bone cap

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    Wooden earphones housing with bone cap

    Wooden earphones housing with bone cap-wp_20141202_17_38_17_pro.jpgWooden earphones housing with bone cap-wp_20141221_14_58_52_pro.jpg

    Wooden earphones housing with bone cap-wp_20141222_19_31_47_pro.jpgWooden earphones housing with bone cap-wp_20141225_15_41_09_pro.jpg

    Wooden earphones housing with bone cap-wp_20141225_20_53_22_pro.jpgWooden earphones housing with bone cap-wp_20141225_20_54_24_pro.jpg

    I bought a nice Cooler Master HC-300 in-ear headset. Cooler Master: HC-300 IN-EAR HEADSET

    It is really nice, comfortable, sounds good. But the cheap plastic housing is way fragile, it breakes easily without any force.

    So it's an out of the box chance to create something better. Can be save the driver unit with its black housing. There is a little chamber on the back, I decided not to create to achieve larger inner volume. The base material is beech wood out of an old table leg and beef leg bone from a delicious soup. (So it's made completely out of legs. )

    You can see the entire project documented here:
    Wooden earphones housing with bone cap

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