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Thread: Work holding clamp

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    Work holding clamp

    A friend of mine has a wonderful little Dixi mill that was missing some pieces and I helped him out making some parts for it. One of the projects was making an approximate replica of the work-holding finger clamp that would have come with it originally.

    Even though this was made for a specific machine, the design is really handy for any application where you'd want to quickly clamp and un-clamp flat work to a T-slot table.

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    Thanks mars-red! We've added your Mill Clamp to our Clamps category,
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    I like your workmanship and advice on creating the work holding clamp. I enjoyed watching the hardening technique using a coffee mug full of quenching oil and assume that mug is dedicated to this purpose? :-). I also started subscribing to your YouTube channel to see more of your metal working techniques and advice. Thank you for this posting.

    Paul Jones

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