Found this on, a website for safety professionals. This is a workplace injury video featuring a person falling, but it's not at all gory. Keep your eye on the guy in blue climbing the ladder at 0:09, at the top-center-right of the video. There are several reasons why this accident is of interest to safety professionals:

-Worker is ascending ladder while carrying blueprints in his left hand. Raise your hand if you've never climbed a ladder while carrying something.

-The platform has a top safety rail, but no mid-rail. The worker falls exactly between the top rail and the bottom of the platform.

-Note how his arms stick straight out in front of his body for a few seconds after he impacts the ground. This looks like a textbook Fencing response, which is sometimes seen after forceful hits in football and hockey. It's indicative of a more serious concussion or a brainstem injury.

-The workers around him, obviously trying to help him, pull him by his outstretched arms and sit him upright. Ironically, this could be a worse error than carelessly climbing a ladder. He may have a spinal injury and should not be touched. However, his outstretched arms, which are actually indicative of a brain injury, are signaling to them: "help me sit up".