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Thread: World land speed record-breaking steam car - video and photos

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    World land speed record-breaking steam car - video and photos

    This is Inspiration, the world record landspeed holder for steam cars. It hit 148 mph in 2009 at Edwards Air Force Base. It's powered by 12 petroleum-fueled boilers, and it consumes about 10 gallons of water per minute. The body is carbon fiber and aluminum.

    More: The British Steam Car


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    The arcane world of land speed racing. The Bonneville National speed record for steam is still holding at 145.607 set Aug., 1985, by R. Barber. We'd all love to see a steam powered car go over 200mph. I believe it's possible with a car that is built with current state of the art land speed racing streamlining technology. Remember that in land speed racing weight is your friend, frontal area is the enemy and car length is strictly a second order handicap. Check out website for more info and a source for specific safety and clacification rules and safety requirements. E
    The Inspiration is beautifully constructed and appears to have much more potential than the 148 mph accomplishment of 2009. I hope we will see it at Bonneville sometime in the future. Edwards AFB has something less than 4 miles possible course length. With ongoing restoration of the Bonneville Salt surface course lengths are increasing into the 8 mile and longer range.
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