In preparation for the epoxy barrier coat application, I thought it best to begin with grinding the excess fiberglass flush with sheer and going over the surface with a finer sandpaper to eliminate the sharp edges. This little bit of extra work will save hands when it is time to lift the hull from the strongback and turn it right side up.

I then ground down all the high spots around the hull with 36 and 40 grit sandpaper, then went over the hull with 80 grit. I had wiped down the hull before that with acetone and again with styrene. I repeated that procedure again after sanding and before applying the epoxy.

I put two coats of epoxy resin on the hull with a roller as a barrier coat. In this case I used RAKA epoxy products. After applying the epoxy I went over the side panels and ransom with primer to help protect the exposed epoxy resin from the UV rays of the sun.

Note: The “fairing” is limited to a “rough,” workboat like finish. It will not receive a yacht like finish, and this is my personal choice. I simply do not wish to put that much time and effort into the finish when there are so many other more important (to me) jobs ahead that must be accomplished before the cold weather sets in here in Maine.

Here's the video: