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Thread: 1965 Peel Trident three-wheeled microcar - photos

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    This from Time magazine's list of the 50 Worst Cars of All Time...,00.html

    Less a car than a 5th-grade science project on seed germination, the Peel Trident was designed and built on the Isle of Man in the 1960s for reasons as yet undetermined, kind of like Stonehenge. The Trident was the evolution of the P-50, which at 4-ft., 2-in. in length could justify its claim as the world's smallest car, or fastest barstool. The Trident is a good example of why all those futuristic bubbletop cars of GM's Motorama period would never work: The sun would cook you alive under the Plexiglas. We in the car business call the phenomenon "solar gain." You have to love the heroic name: Trident! More like Doofus on the half-shell.
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    So it's only the 18th worst car of all time, will have to read up on the rest...

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