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Thread: 220L Drum plug Modification

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    220L Drum plug Modification

    Always trying to save some water and this time for my hothouse. It is 2m x 4m so it is 8m2 of roofing that can also be harvested. Found some cheep and clean 220L drums, was used for sugar syrup so perfectly safe to use to store water for my hothouse plants.

    Problem is I can not let the drums stand upright as it will limit the height for the plants to grow and I wanted the drum inside as the heat retention will help in winter, but that is another project...

    Lying the drum on its side is no problem as my containers are standing on some cement blocks, just the right height for the drum to fit in underneath.
    Now the problem

    The plug they use for a lid has some funny treads. Surely in the process the plug is just pushed in and not screwed in.

    220L Drum plug Modification-220l-drum-plug.jpg

    So a trip to a specialty shop for tanks and irrigation stuff left me with no easy screw in solution. But scratching around in my adapters and fittings box I came up with a piece of 1" threaded pipe with some flange nuts and a rubber washer. After a quick spin in the lathe the plug and a very tight fitting 1" hole in it and the flange nut was turned down just enough to go into the hole in the drum.

    220L Drum plug Modification-lid-mod.jpg


    220L Drum plug Modification-lid-mod-2.jpg

    And refitted in the drum... standard 1" thread to continue to the pump, which by the way is recycled off and old washing machine and has a 2" inlet, but that is another project.

    220L Drum plug Modification-pug-done.jpg

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