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Thread: 2x72 belt sander from E-bike motor - video

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    2x72 belt sander from E-bike motor - video

    2x72 belt sander from E-bike motor. By Sek Austria. 15:45 video:

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    That's a great use for those cheap e-bike kits on eBay and AliExpress. The motors are fairly torque-y. I wonder if the motor would be any good for a band saw? Or to drive a variable speed air compressor? I would love to have speed control on my big compressor. On-and-off pressure switch to maintain 150 PSI in the tank just so it can be regulated down at 100 PSI is completely stupid. This motor would be way too small for that particular compressor but maybe a different one.

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    I watch most 2x72 videos that I come across and have to say this is the most refreshing and innovative build I've see in a long time. It has never cross my mind to use E-Bike motors in such a way. Given that I can see this as a great way to build up a few tools for an off grid site. 48 VDC photovoltaic systems are easy to implement so you could even have staying power at a site.

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