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Thread: Acid and base guide - infographic

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    I love it. When you see H+, think proton, massive with a positive charge. That's all it is. Electrons? Well electrons are just tiny negative charges with barely a comparative mass floating around, usually attached to another agent, looking for someplace massive (with a positive charge) to bond, a highly energetic covalent bond.
    A firm grasp of acid-base chemistry and covalent bonds are an O-chem foundation block.
    I was at El Rancho Tavern in Durango, Colo. telling the story of the Meso-Americans who were combining different ratios of latex with sour and bitter saps and moderating temperature to make different grades of rubber for different purposes. He scoffed, "You don't think stoneage man had a grasp of acid-base chemistry, do you?!" I didn't scold him for insisting that the inability to quantify a matter meant you could not recognize its value or experiment in its use.
    Modern man is no smarter than paleolithic man. We just have more vocabulary.

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