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Thread: Adjustable bead roller stop/fence

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    Adjustable bead roller stop/fence

    Hi All
    I was building a bead roller which came to an abrupt halt when I fell ill as did all my projects. So with my rekindled interest I was up at 4:30 am (please don't ask me why ) and decided to progress the bead roller further forward while waiting for the coupler to arrive from China for the motorisation of the rotary table.

    Rotary table re-ferb ready for stepper motor

    Initially I was going to turn some dies but thought my time would be better spent finishing the main chassis of the project so went with making a anti flexing brace and incorporating the stop/fence (is it a fence or a stop or both )

    So the stock was cut, blocked up and machined and all painted by 9:00 am.

    I hope to do some more work on the rotary table this week and fall back onto the bead roller and get this finished out of the way so I can use it on the water tank on my 3" scale Foden steam wagon. Mind you I still have to think about how I am going to mount the industrial clutched sewing machine motor which I have got to power the roller. A job for another day.

    I have included some photos of the fence \stop below.

    Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-stock-material.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-machined-stock.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-assembled-parts.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-painted.jpg

    Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-assembled.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-another-view-fence.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-place.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-extended-forward.jpg

    Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-reverse-view.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-showing-brace.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-fits-between-bearing-blocks.jpg Adjustable bead roller stop/fence-brace-clamps-missing-knob.jpg

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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