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Thread: Another pool noodle application

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    Another pool noodle application

    One of the most common mishaps in chem/bio labs is accidentally bumping a measuring column. Given its shape, it almost always breaks when it hits the table on which it rests. Since its contents can often be corrosive, poisonous or biologically hazardous, it's not just the loss of a pricey bit of glassware but also the risk to workers.

    A common safeguard is to mount a rubber collar near the top of the column to at least forestall breakage in the event of a bump. I suppose such collars can be bought from laboratory supply houses but far simpler is to cut a piece off a pool noodle, trim the hole to size, and slip it over the column.

    Another pool noodle application-measuring-column.jpg

    IMO, every shop should have a pool noodle or two. Do a bit of gedanken-designing and I'm sure you'll come up with an application or two. Here's one of my recent uses...

    Pool noodle watch holder

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    I have an older squeeze bulb hydrometer that has long since outlived its packaging container, that I keep in a length of pipe insulation, about the same thing as a pool noodle just not the fancy colors or as suitable as a floating toy

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    Thanks mklotz! We've added your Glass Column Protector to our Safety category,
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