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Thread: Another Rolling Work Center

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    Another Rolling Work Center

    Sears had these 53" roller cabinets on special a while back. They are pretty flimsy but, for cheap tool storage they work just fine. I added a 2 x 6 top to this one to raise it up a bit so it is more comfortable for me to work at. This put the top at about 39".
    I leave one side open on these tops I build so there is room for a few clear plastic shoe boxes. Lots of storage and it helps organize smaller projects as I am working on them.
    Here I am laying out the spacing for the top. I can get three boxes on each side.

    The cabinet came with a 1 1/2" thick particle board top so I reused that. Used a pocket hole jig and screwed the new riser to the original top. I also put a piece of 1/4" underlayment to keep the steel top from getting all scratched up.

    After a coat of gloss black Rustoleum it looks like it came with the box.

    I haven't loaded it yet, still thinking about where I am going to put it...

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    I have one of those sized-for-midgets Sears rolling cabinets rolled sideways under my workbench. It was a quick and cheap way to get some drawer storage under there without having to build anything. Yes, I have to roll it out in order to open the drawers so that means it's used to store stuff I don't access frequently. The more frequently used stuff is housed in other, conventionally sized rolling cabinets around the shop.
    Regards, Marv

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