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Thread: Antique Toaster Mechanism (that's better than modern ones)

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    Antique Toaster Mechanism (that's better than modern ones)

    Neat obscure toaster mechanism that's largely superior to today's toasters.

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    It's the first and best toaster I ever owned. I bought it at a yard sale for a buck in 1973 in Durango. Thanks again to the seller.

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    Nice video about the best toasters ever built, before or since. I repaired these for nearly 50 years, and still have one, made around 1960, sitting on our kitchen counter that has been quietly doing its job every day for about a decade now. Have a spare in the garage, a 1957, that I've rebuilt to replace it if it ever quits. They're amazing and simple little machines that just work!

    'Kept around 40 of them here for parts up until 2019, but gave them to a friend in Ohio when I shut down the shop, and he still works on them.

    Whenever servicing one, I always changed the cord to a 3-wire one and grounded the chassis to bring it up to modern safety standards. When one of the 16 bread guide wires breaks or unhooks, it almost always makes contact with one of the elements, directing 55-60 volts to the highly conductive chrome shell. That's enough to at least get your attention, so a ground is essential.

    Thanks for posting this, and God bless you and yours,

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