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Thread: Anvil hardy bridge

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    Anvil hardy bridge

    Anvil hardy bridge-2161a1cf-c02b-469d-89bc-4d5043eaa147.jpg
    I modified this bridge after seeing a proper one on Pinterest.
    Anvil hardy bridge-07f2d6e1-8d4c-433f-85f0-e86790d5cdfb.jpg
    Mine is made from U channel and yesterday I cut part of it off and forged a bick on it.
    This morning I re-welded the stake to the side.
    Then I used it to finish forging a fork.(This is a bit left over from the pivoting jaw tongs q.v.)
    Anvil hardy bridge-b9007545-a2b4-4e34-9154-869764d43f14.jpg
    If there are any cutlers reading this, look away now!
    Anvil hardy bridge-c554e50b-dd0a-43b8-b282-1d89392246e6.jpg
    How many must a Sheffield cutler forge in an hour?
    To the left of the fork, the bridge has a cut out, with a bevel below. I thought that this might help if making penny scrolls.
    My son wants unusual utensils for his food photography, so this is quite unusual. Whenever I make something with three prongs, it looks as though it would be used by witches, or cannibals.

    This accessory is quite discordant on the anvil, and I looked for an old soldering mat to suppress the noise. I didnít find it,but a magnet helps. (See 2nd picture)

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Anvil Hardy Bridge to our Anvils category,
    as well as to your builder page: Philip Davies's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Great idea, Philip. Love the bick. I could see adding a little square horn on the other side.

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