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Thread: Anvil hardy clasp

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    Anvil hardy clasp

    Anvil hardy clasp-07c7c7a4-13a4-4da9-a67e-74107f7004e9.jpg
    I was not sure what to call this, nor knew whether it would be useful, although first impressions are favourable. I became so annoyed with stock or tools falling off the anvil, that I felt something was needed to retain things. This is especially so when I have to shift the grip on something awkward,eg
    Anvil hardy clasp-36eb7798-e22f-4bb5-8d7e-d32f17437d32.jpg
    This is a billet of canister “Damascus”, quite as large as I can manage, but if it falls off, it’s not easy to pick up, and in the mean time, it may well melt the blower cable, still dancing keeps me fit, which is how i avoid it landing on my slippers.
    The canister is simply a 8” length of 2 x 2 box section, packed with springs, already flattened and tumbled, rammed down with swarf and iron filings, then the ends folded over and welded. What I am aiming for is a fairly loose conglomeration,
    egAnvil hardy clasp-image.jpgThis would be no good for any tool of course, but I like the texture, which resembles fossils, perhaps.
    Anvil hardy clasp-4bda8884-5c4f-475b-8558-6c00752be060.jpg
    From the colour you wouldn’t think it had had a good pounding, but it is wedged in fairly well, but not so tight that it can’t be easily picked up.
    The clasp is simply made from a 2’ 6” length of 1” x 1/4”bar
    Anvil hardy clasp-919b6aac-952b-49e2-9061-fa3411a6ccc1.jpg
    You might be able to see that I have twisted the arms slightly to form an inverted V when in the hardy hole. It’s a slop fit.
    I thought too that the clasp would retain tongs or hammer ready for use, rather than leave them in the fire or on the bench
    Anvil hardy clasp-608ba2a4-f0be-489f-9a60-0fe3172c28f8.jpgAnvil hardy clasp-b6baf1d2-8801-412a-af6e-dc40e30cdcfe.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip Davies View Post
    This would be no good for any tool of course, but I like the texture, which resembles fossils, perhaps.
    -Clever & practical holding device, Philip, but I got a little concerned when seeing "the Artifact" though...

    I suffered a flashback* to the late eighties David Cronenberg horror movie "Dead Ringers",
    where Jeremy Irons plays both roles in a twin pair of very successful gynecologists...

    (Spoiler alert: One of them is REALLY nuts...)

    The HomeMade Tools of the Wacko brother: "Gynecological Instruments for operating on mutant women":

    Anvil hardy clasp-collab_dri_1.jpg Anvil hardy clasp-collage-copy.jpg

    "They were made to look like realistic surgical tools—as designed by a rather disturbed doctor."

    Cronenberg Virtual Museum: Collaborators: Dead Ringers: Instruments | David Cronenberg : Virtual Exhibition

    *Guess that's just MY free-wheeling mind - perhaps I really "should see someone"?



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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Anvil Hardy Clasp to our Anvils category,
    as well as to your builder page: Philip Davies's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    anvil hardie "clamp"

    Good idea Mr. Davies!

    Here's some things which might help the thought process

    scroll down to Chapter 3

    The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Young Mechanic, by James Lukin.

    and here's a steel industrial version

    The principle is the same - the more you push into the "vise"
    the tighter it clamps...even though the second one is oriented vertically

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