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Thread: Baluster routing jig - GIF

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    Baluster routing jig - GIF

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    I saw this on Instagram about a week ago. Some intelligent people behind this one. But even with the rub bearings on the top and bottom this is not a job where you can not be vigilant. A lot of horsies on that shaper. That block can go flying if you are not careful. I treat my 3hp shaper with the respect it deserves. And it cuts wood, not me.


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    If not clear, I dig jigs and fixtures, in this case, those are combined. Normally, a fixture is just the manner a workpiece is held, whereas a jig guides a cutter. That it's creating compounded details is impressive. If I did it, there would be a loose guide fence, but immaterial.
    This is a terrific example of very simple engineering; that would be a significantly larger machine if automated. Especially if this is a short production run.

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