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Thread: Band saw infeed/outfeed support post

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    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post

    Today I present a VERY useful item that will be used a lot! It's one that's been long overdue on my list. Just got it done and the maroon paint is still wet but that didn't stop the photo shoot. It's an infeed & outfeed support post for my bandsaw. I can't tell you how many times I had to cut a long piece of material and rigging up temporary bracing gets old fast. Now I have a dedicated tool for the job.

    It is mostly made of pieces I got from the "cut off" bin at my metal supplier. It features a fine thread bolt for those "fine adjustments" and can go about an inch above and below the table height which might be helpful for an odd shaped piece. The base plate is 3/4 inches thick to give it good weight so it won't tip over.

    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post-dscn7840.jpg
    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post-dscn7841.jpg
    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post-dscn7842.jpg
    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post-dscn7843.jpg
    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post-dscn7844.jpg
    Band saw infeed/outfeed support post-dscn7845.jpg

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