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Thread: Bandsaw Extension

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    Ron Sutton's Tools

    Bandsaw Extension

    I've converted a 14 inch bandsaw to 28 inches, so that I can now cut a 4x8 in half, that is, rip it down the middle.

    See the pictures and ask me any questions if you'd like.

    Bandsaw Extension-00-bandsaw-img_2251.jpg Bandsaw Extension-00-bandsaw-img_2288.jpg Bandsaw Extension-00-bandsaw-img_2302.jpg

    Bandsaw Extension-00-bandsaw-img_2260-smaller.jpg Bandsaw Extension-00-bandsaw-img_2289-smaller.jpg Bandsaw Extension-00-bandsaw-img_2301-smaller.jpg

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    Thanks Ron Sutton! We've added your Bandsaw Extension to our Bandsaws category,
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    That is very clever Ron. I like how you placed the rollers. Do you find any problems with vibration, alignment or flex? Also what are the back rollers or wheels from? You have added an impressive amount of width capacity.


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