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Thread: Beer pallet unloading fail - GIF

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    Quite honestly, I cannot figure out what they were expecting to happen. Maybe they'd sampled a few bottles before trying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce.desertrat View Post
    Quite honestly, I cannot figure out what they were expecting to happen. Maybe they'd sampled a few bottles before trying?
    Trying to get the pallet pulled out that last inch before lowering the pallet jack and removing it so he could use the forklift. Nothing wrong with that except he forgot there was no wheel stop. Once he put his foot against the truck bed he had zero lateral control just pull until something gives. I'm sure it put a big smile on his bosses face, NOT.
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    Pallet jack was too high to begin with. Had to be lifted 3" or 4". Any decent forklift operator could have forked that load and moved it to the end to get a better grab on it, there was no need to move it the extra few inches. I think they'd already been sampling the wares before this attempt!
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    What in the Bell were they thinking ??????

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