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Thread: Belt jumps off machine and makes a break for freedom - GIF

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    Belt jumps off machine and makes a break for freedom - GIF

    Escaping belt, with a sweet burnout! Ha ha. But also perfectly reasonable fodder for a discussion.

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    WhenI saw this the firest thing I was reminded of was

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    "belts like us, baby we were born to ruuuun"

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    LMAO! Those guys watched it go by in complete amazement and disbelief.

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    I watched a toppled gas cylinder take off across the deck of an Oil Rig when i was a rookie, as it fell the valve struck a kicker-plate and this torpedo just took off at a great rate of knots. Its with the fishy's now. Funnily enough everyone stood and watched, no brave idiots to catch this one either. I'm surprised Health and Safety don't have a rule about catching runaways.

    Incidentally the cylinder forced the kicker-plate on the other side of the deck to fold where it has been impacted, 1/2 inch steel plate, no job for a line backer here.
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    I was half way through a reply when my computer/laptop died so hope it doesn't "surface" twice. Reminds me of a time when returning from a weekend fishing trip(early 70's) from South Stradbroke Is (gold coast) when i mentioned to my dad that a wheel just like those on our boat trailer overtook us on the highway. I slowed carefully until parked and sure enough one wheel was gone & axle hadn't dug in the ashphalt thankfully. It was easy to find the missing wheel & tyre(tire) as, after crossing the medium strip and other lanes of opposite direction traffic, it left a clear trail through the long grass of a farm (dont know how it passed through the barbed wire fence). In future trips we checked the trailer for action of thieves that may have been thwarted in their endeavours.
    thanks for posting & it puts a new light onto belt sander racing! I've had linisher belts move quickly across when newly replacing an old one and had to stop the machine to gain a better balance but that takes the cake.

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