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Thread: Best Tool Tip of the Month - $100 monthly award

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    Best Tool Tip of the Month - $100 monthly award

    In February 2023, we started this contest to award the best tool tip or trick of the month. The current monthly prize is $100 cash, payable via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card (US-only) or bitcoin.

    Winning tool tips are chosen based on Thanks votes by members, as well as originality, ingenuity, and utility.

    Here are all winning Tool Tip of the Month tools, in date order. This post is updated monthly with new winners. To see the winners of all awards from, click here.

    February 2023: Accurate Long Drilling Method by thehomeengineer
    March 2023: Electronic Caliper Measurement Method by mklotz
    April 2023: Inlaying Square Nuts by Make Things
    May 2023: Multi Manual Belt Sander by Mr. Factotum's Workshop
    June 2023: Instant Vise Alignment by Lets Roger That
    July 2023: Compilation of Machining Tips by Occasional machinist
    August 2023: Drilling Accurate Holes in Sheet Metal by Mark Presling
    September 2023: Poly Pipe Leak Repair by Frank S
    October 2023: Vise Bench Appliance by Make Things
    November 2023: Router Template Making Method by Carmonius Finsnickeri
    December 2023: Compilation of Plastic Machining Tips by Occasional machinist
    January 2024: Equilateral Marking Method by Make Things
    February 2024: Extended Vise Jaw Spreaders by tonyfoale
    March 2024: Cleaning Clogged Cutting Tools by tonyfoale
    April 2024: Grinding Wheel Removal Method by cognitdiss
    May 2024: Large Chamfer Cutting Method by Mook
    June 2024: Silver Soldering Threaded Joint Technique by thehomeengineer

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