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Thread: Binford 2011 PC Oven

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    Binford 2011 PC Oven

    First off, given available time, I would rather put in a too many hours and as much money as it would cost to buy retail building a tool, rather than buying factory produced. Where to start on stuff that I have built for my shop? Although my tools work for me, most were inspired by other builders with a few touches of my own. I guess I'll start with my powder coating oven.

    My oven was created out of a worn out upright freezer. A lot of people told me not to do it, and in hind sight it would have been easier to build from scratch, but being cheap and liking a challenge, I didn't listen.

    The oven uses three elements. I used insulation that I scavenged from old suspended ceiling panels, metal studs, and a lot of scavenged parts. Over all I would save I probably have $250 in the oven at the most. It ain't pretty, but works pretty well.

    Binford 2011 PC Oven-beginning-2009-.jpgBinford 2011 PC Oven-interior-stripped.jpgBinford 2011 PC Oven-interior.jpgBinford 2011 PC Oven-exterior-2011.jpgBinford 2011 PC Oven-control-box.jpg

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    Thanks ageingrodder! We've added your Binford 2011 PC Oven to our Powder Coating category, and setup your homemade tools page here: ageingrodder's homemade tools. Your receipt:

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