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Thread: Bonding velcro to brass...

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    Bonding velcro to brass...

    I have a large brass badge that I would like to wear on my plate carrier. (It's a Judge Dredd badge with my last name on it, which was made for me as a gift, and which I wore as my badge office as a Constable.)

    I can solder some pinbacks on to the backside, but it would work better if I took advantage of the hook and loop on the front of the plate carrier.

    But the adhesive I tried became brittle and the badge slipped off. So I guess I am asking what the best way is to chemically bond the velcro, the kind with no adhesive, to the smooth back of the brass badge.

    I have two part epoxy, and that would probably work fine, but if there is something in particular that would work best I am all ears.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    You could try double sided tape - basically works well on most materials, brass and cloth...

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    My first choice would be a full strength silicone clear adhesive of various brands, It resists vibration and you will have a tough time removing it.

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    I would recommend a VHB double sided foam tape from 3M. It is used commercially for bonding aluminum sheets together. I have used it in my corporate job as a design engineer, and spec'd it in for some aluminum assemblies, and it is a permanent bond! This tape also gets used on large enclosed trailers, and semi-truck van trailers to bond the smooth sheets to the structure, eliminating ugly rivets.
    Cleanliness is super important with any adhesive, and particularly this VHB tape. Clean the surfaces with isopropyl alcohol, 90% is preferred, as the more common 70% has too much water. Once the IPA has evaporated, then you are ready to apply the tape. Use pressure after you apply it, as that activates the adhesive. Then, let it cure for 24 hours! This is super important, as it takes time to reach full strength.

    Another option for you is to get the velcro with adhesive already on it. They make a heavy duty version that is rated for 15 lbs that I have personally used and it holds very well to aluminum. Again, make sure you clean the brass thoroughly before applying, and give it time to cure.

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    Contact cement

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    The best bonding adhesive I've found for bonding just about anything to anything else was the German made Pattex. I've tried to get it here but I can only get the China made or the UK made and those only in small tubes, neither are the same exact formula at the stuff made in Germany which will come even in gallon cans

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