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Thread: Brad point drill conversion jig - video

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    Brad point drill conversion jig - video

    Brad point drill conversion jig. By JSK-koubou. 6:28 video:


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    Peter Sanders's Tools

    Not a real brad point drill bit.

    This IS NOT a brad point drill. This is a normal drill with the cutting edges ground in reverse angle. While it "MAY" provide an improved cutting action over the normal "metal working" drill, it will not provide a hole as clean as a proper brad point drill.
    I purchased a Bordo brand drill bit that was labelled as a brad point drill bit. It was ground the same as you show in the video. (this was of course not a proper brad point drill bit).

    While realising this was not a brad point drill bit, I thought I would try it anyway. I used the drill to create holes for adjustable shelving in an MDF board that had a laminate surface. As most of the holes were visible, they needed to look good. This Bordo drill bit, a pretend brad point drill bit caused chipping of the laminate an the hole edges.

    A real brad point drill bit has spurs at the outer end of the cutting edge. These spurs score/cut the outer edge of the hole prior to the "real" cutting edge starts to remove material. I returned (for a full refund) this pretend brad point drill bit and explained to Bordo their misleading label. The retailer also considered the Bordo drill bit as a brad point drill bit, it is not. The images below, clearly show the difference.

    I then purchase a REAL brad point drill bit from a specialist supplier. The drill bit purchased looked like the first image.
    Name:  brad point drill tip.jpg
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Size:  2.0 KB Name:  brad point drill tip2.jpg
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Size:  8.4 KB Brad point drill conversion jig - video-brad-point-drill-tip3.jpg

    Using a THIN grinding wheel with your jig may produce an image similar to the first image and COULD then be used like a real brad point drill bit.

    Best wishes

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