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Thread: Built-In Hot Glue Gun Stand

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    Built-In Hot Glue Gun Stand

    One of the biggest issues with most hot glue guns is their stand. Unless you have one of the higher end or industrial models, the built in stand unstable and mostly useless. Most of the ones available locally do not have good stands.

    I've had this Dewalt glue gun for a few years and it has been great. In this video I'm building a very stable and inexpensive built-in stand for it. The concept and the process can be applied to just about any brand and model of glue gun on the market. For many people this hack will cost nothing but some time. I also show some tips and tricks for designing and bending something like this.

    In the past I have made separate holders that stay on the workbench but I missed the convenience of simply having a glue gun that could stand up on its own.

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