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Thread: Can Opener 2.0

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    For cans which are a bit "sticky" in the valve, I've grabbed another rattle can of clear coat, removed the nozzle from each and pressed the two tube ends together. The clearcoat can shoots a small amount of wet paint/ solvent/ propellant into the stuck can valve assembly and seems to free things up fairly well - the small amount of clear coat doesn't seem to affect the colour of the other can. - the stuck can is on the bottom, the clearcoat can is inverted - so it's more propellant than paint being transferred.

    for venting empty cans - I use the spike end of my welding chipping hammer - then slice open the can with tinsnips, retrieve the marble and dip tube and recycle the rest. The chipping hammer allows me to point the vent away from the body, and "hook the shot" with the hammer backwards so any vent starts away from me.

    dip tubes are handy for making small cable guides, bushings, and other uses. marbles if cleaned on a shop rag within 20 seconds of the can venting are perfectly clean,and are used for bribing children, or thrown in a jar in the shed for floral arranging.


    Quote Originally Posted by Texf1 View Post
    I have never seen a can explode, but I have had some where the tip will not spray no matter what I do. I tried to change tips and that didn't work either. When I go to puncture the can, there is a lot of pressure in it that has made a small hole about 3 times its size. I have heard stories, but don't know how true or not, but I want to make sure it doesn't happen.

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    Shot with a .22short (though now impossible to find). I've achieved some marvelous decreasing arc spirals of paint, shave cream. It's a lot of fun

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    I would rather shoot it, but I live in the city and the gun ranges don't have a place for these kind of targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilbourjaily View Post
    Shot with a .22short (though now impossible to find). I've achieved some marvelous decreasing arc spirals of paint, shave cream. It's a lot of fun
    the standard 22 shorts are hard to find but there are still the CBcaps available shorter than a short completely subsonic
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    I use a hack saw and clamp the head section in a vise and cut a grove in the can to release the gas. I then cut off the top and salvage the marble inside to use as cargo on my train set.

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    Hope that load is properly secured!

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    I have a more practical way of doing it myself. I use a .177 caliber pellet rifle.

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