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Thread: can you remove disposable gloves without contaminating your hands

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    can you remove disposable gloves without contaminating your hands

    how to remove disposable gloves without contaminating your hands
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    Very relanent at the moment for protecting ourselves against covid, unforyunately i have seen some scary things being done like people touching their face with the gloves on, using the gloves again and putting them on handling the contaminated area of the glove. The face masks are even worse, people just wearing them over their mouths and not the nose as well, lowering the mask to talk. Seriously? whats the point - im sticking to my S10 gas respirator it also scares the **** out of people so they stand well back from me. Result. (covid related) To be honest the gloves are fine for un disciplined people who dont know how to avoid contaminating themselves and cant stop touching their faces. being aware of your soruondings, not touching surfaces or your face and WASHING YOUR HANDS frequeltly does kind of work. you could give some people dummys (comforters) to stop them opening their mouths and injesting others germs or spreading their own. I just avoid people its far easier i dont have much time for many people as it is so avoiding them is easy.

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