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Thread: Cannon pinion puller

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    Cannon pinion puller

    Here's a tool I made a little over 3 years ago, for pulling cannon pinions from pocket watch movements. Nothing radical about the design, just a plain old puller. With the body/jaws being made from a single piece, requiring only to be drilled eccentrically and then parted, it's quite easy and quick to make different sizes to fit different size movements, and reuse the screw between them. I also filed a flat onto the top of this one to aid in drilling the screw hole, and filed small flats at the ends of the jaws, but those are strictly optional. I may or may not bother with either of those when/if I need to make a different size. The screw and body were made from O1 steel, hardened and then tempered to blue. The cross pin for the screw was a piece of an old drill bit that was parted off and polished up.

    Here's a shot of the parts before heat treating (note the hole near one of the jaws... that was not on purpose, just a stray hole from a mistake I had made):
    Cannon pinion puller-parts%25u0025252520before%25u0025252520heat%25u0025252520treating.jpg

    After heat treating and assembling:
    Cannon pinion puller-puller%25u0025252520completed.jpg

    Testing it out on an old Burlington pocket watch movement:
    Cannon pinion puller-pulling.jpg

    Cannon pinion puller-pulled.jpg
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    Thanks mars-red! I've added your Cannon Pinion Puller to our Miscellaneous category, as well as to your builder page: mars-red's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Wow, that's a pretty and nifty puller.

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