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Thread: Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum

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    Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum

    In 2018 I posted a couple of cannon that I made in the shop. Today I am going to catch up on my cannon posting.
    Model Cannon and carriage
    Here we go:
    The first one is a copy of a coastal defense cannon.
    Next we have a Whitworth with an aluminum barrel and walnut carriage.
    Three ship cannon of which 2 are steel and one is brass. All on walnut carriages.
    Last and best ( I like breeches that operate) is a loose copy of a Whitworth with a threaded breech.
    The Whitworth has a manual firing mechanism but the cannon is for display only and not for firing, barrel is aluminum!

    Rest of the story to follow.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2530.jpg   Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2537.jpg   Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2540.jpg   Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2541.jpg   Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2603.jpg  

    Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2604a.jpg   Cannons Steel Brass Aluminum-img_2605a.jpg  
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