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Thread: Car drives through freshly applied asphalt tack - GIF

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    Car drives through freshly applied asphalt tack - GIF

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    Retarded people.

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    When I was driving mixer trucks I saw people do incredibly stupid things, like drive around 2 or 3 blocks worth of ROAD CLOSED signs so they could try to cross an open ditch.(they couldn't) Then there was the time some lady walked around multiple barricades with caution tape so she could walk right through a freshly poured sidewalk and then she had the audacity to get mad at the guys doing the work because there were not enough warning signs. The funniest part was when the foreman said "turn around" and when she saw the barricades and all she said "oh" (cell phone in hand head down looking at nothing but the screen on her hand held stupidity device. The best one of all, I was in down town Portland pouring sidewalk when some lady pushing a stroller with her kid in it, ear buds in looking at her phone screen stepped off the curb into the path of an oncoming MAX train! (local public transit) If one of the muck rakers hadn't been paying attention to her cute butt it would have been splattered all over the street along with her kid.
    One dude being kind of pervy saved her life.
    Stupidity is everywhere.

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    Brings back terrible memory of time a concrete contractor had just completed a day-long concrete pour and finishing in a parking area behind my small mixed-use building after a week of demo, excavation, and prep work during which all building rear access was totally prohibited. I admired the finish work and went to dinner nearby. After dinner, walking back to my car, I decided to take one last glance at the concrete work and found deep footsteps in the wet concrete from the back door of a tenant's now closed cafe 20 feet to the end of the access easement. Spent the rest of the evening desperately attempting to eliminate the tracks with scrap wood found nearby. Probably the most furious I have ever been in my life.

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    old kodger's Tools

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