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Thread: Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture

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    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture

    -LED or Halogen Work Flood Light +/-10$
    -Paint Roller telescoping handle extension, i have a few around the garage, can be bought for 5$
    ---Floor base mount
    ----Scrap 2x4s FREE
    ----Scrap angle or other small 90* metal bits FREE... but if u dont have something that would work a couple bucks at the hardware store will get u set up
    ----Worm Clamps FREE
    >>>Table mount fixture
    >>>>Scrap round with the ID just big enough to fit the paint roller extensions OD FREE
    >>>>Scrap rectangular tubing FREE
    >>>>C-clamp depending on your table.. 1$ ?

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_143410.jpg
    Not much to it really. Function over Fancy

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_143539.jpg
    This shows the precision that went into making the floor base mount using your 2x4s, 90* metal bits and worm clamps

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_171840.jpg
    get your cutting tool of choice and cut to whatever length needed to keep the extension pole from moving around

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_172002.jpg
    use your favorite finger caliper to get the pole sleeve nice n center

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_172620.jpg
    Shoot some wire on it

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_173219.jpg
    Hang up your gear

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_181339.jpg
    grab a clamp, position where is convenient and give that clamp a good twist er 2

    Cheap, simple telescoping led light fixture-20180319_181350.jpg
    Now your workbench has a fair amount of light and can position where is going to work the best.

    I had all this stuff laying around the garage, what i used could be considered bottom of the barrel.. Surely there is far better ideas and materials to be used. but this will do what i need it to for years to come.

    i was hoping to at least get a "what the" or a good chuckle out of someone.. the things that manage to accumulate in my garage even makes me wonder sometimes.
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