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Thread: Cheap Tubing Notcher for Your Lathe

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    Cheap Tubing Notcher for Your Lathe

    A milling attachment is heavy and cumbersome, and there is always the chance of accidentally dropping it on the ways. I came up with this piece to cut notches in tubing without resorting to a milling attachment.

    Chuck up a hex shank hole saw, mount this little attachment, and you are good to go. The longitudinal power feed makes it automatic. It cuts solids like butter as well.

    Cheap Tubing Notcher for Your Lathe-tubenotcher.jpg Cheap Tubing Notcher for Your Lathe-tubelathe.jpg Cheap Tubing Notcher for Your Lathe-tubing-examples.jpg Cheap Tubing Notcher for Your Lathe-one-half-inch-diam-solid.jpg

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    Great idea and I will keep it in mind.

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    I was thinking along the same lines but stuck on fixing centre height for different tubes... Your V block only needs setting once so sorts that. Thanks.

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    Thanks tmate3! We've added your Tubing Notcher Attachment to our Lathe Accessories category,
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    Very good idea! Thanks!

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    Congratulations tmate3 - your Lathe Tubing Notcher Attachment is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Excellent solution, and I expect we'll be seeing more people adapting your clever idea.

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    Nice work!

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