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Thread: Cheese brushing robot - video

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    That's enough cheese to constipate the entire world's population
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
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    I wont state my type of grin looking at that.

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    I visit Switzerland and toured a small cheezzee factory just a few steps away from where we stay at good friends house just outside Thun...awesome!!!! I dont think it's a mold duster, but probably a Bactria spreader to help speed up the cheeze fermentation prosess. some places still use the sweat rags of the workers for thier specialty cheeze. I do eat a lot of cheeze....probably too much. and the racelette is oh so awesome!!! cheezzee go's good on everything!!!!well possibly not on the car. Ive had a few american cheezes that were good, but I would rather be in Switzerland a house or 2 from the cheeze shop getting it there they also make yogurt and fresh milk from the cows across the street. I wish I could just live in Italy so I could go to Switzerland for the cheeze...and friends. ( Italy is cheep and Switzerland isant)then there are tha cars...and the food....and the oh well everything is good in Italy.

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