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Thread: Chemtool factory explosion - GIF

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    Explosion on Monday, 6/14/21 at a Chemtool factory, the country’s largest grease manufacturer.

    From 6/15 - Investigators still don’t know what trigged the explosion, but all 70 employees working at the Chemtool plant made it out safely.

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    WHat I read was that they're expecting it to be up to a week to put it all out. The smoke can be seen from orbit.

    (yeah yeah, I know, the right satellite can read the newspaper you're reading sitting at the bus stop :-)

    Glad everyone got out...

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    I saw a satellite fly over last night at midnight while I was out walking the dog. I waved, just in case it was looking at me...

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    They ChemTool explosion/fire decision to allow it to burn out was made to keep water runoff from polluting ground water and the Rock River which was less than 1/4 mile away up the hill. The home I built and lived in for 30 years before moving to Buffalo is 10 miles west. The video shows the smoke drifting south directly south over Rockton Towards Rockford Illinois. This area is right at the Illinois/Wisconsin border about 2 miles west of Interstate 90. The immediate area was evacuated.

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    So glad to hear no one was hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce.desertrat View Post
    (yeah yeah, I know, the right satellite can read the newspaper you're reading sitting at the bus stop :-)
    [RABBIT-TRAIL] The telescope system you're referring to relies on software that can "average-out" the atmospheric distortion that would otherwise make solely optical telescopes worthless for reading fine detail like newsprint from Low Earth Orbit. The gentleman who designed the optical lens arrays for that system, as well as lens arrays for the Strategic Defense Initiative satellites, worked for Lawrence Livermore Labs... and has four daughters, one of whom I dated in the '80's. Some pretty awesome tech (for the '80's) went into those systems. [/RABBIT-TRAIL]

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