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Thread: China rapidly building coronavirus hospital - GIF

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    Saw that used in Florida as well.
    Big huge DDT fogging machines!
    A;so only once in my neighborhood.
    Then came the ban on DDT.
    But no skitters after the passed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinnieL View Post
    Heck it was probably DDT or Malathion they were spraying.
    Likewise, when I was young, the Street dept in my river town used to spray for mosquitoes at dusk. I clearly recall riding with other kids behind the pickup truck through the thick, white fog. Good times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemmjo View Post
    When I was a kid, the city had an open top jeep, like WWII surplus style,with a fogger in the back for mosquito control. It had about a 6-8" elbow on the outlet hanging over the back of the jeep. You could hear it coming for blocks away. Us crazy kids used to run out and play in the smoke. How did we ever survive those days?

    A few years later, I worked at a community pool. They had a small one that hung over your shoulder and squirted the smoke out a 5-6 foot pipe. Instructions on the can of stuff you put in it said very clearly. DON'T BREATHE the smoke, etc.

    How did we ever survive those days?
    Growing up in a navy/civil service housing complex, the navy operated a truck up and down the alleys in the summer spewing DDT clouds. We also ran along behind it in the fog. Maybe I absorbed enough that mosquitoes don`t bother me these days?

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