Hi All
Following on from the Adjustable bead roller stop/fence I was unhappy that the anti flex brace hand clamps clashed with the middle stop adjustment hand knob. This would frustrate me so had to come up with a workable solution. Due to the diameter of the plastic handle I decided to use a smaller diameter knob but this in turn had a smaller diameter thread. To overcome this I simply drilled the original 10mm studding and tapped it M8 and loctited two pieces of studding together so the knob could be attached to the 8mm stud. This then reduced the knob diameter but still maintained the 10mm thread required to clamp stop/fence shaft securely.

Hopefully the photos will clarify the method used

Photo showing the difference in diameter of hand wheels and the two pieces of studding screwed and loctited together to make the new shaft to accept the M8 smaller knob which will also be loctited in position.

Clash of handles on bead roller-knob.jpg

Photo showing the clearance of the handles which no longer clash and this means the anti flex brace can be move along the bead roller without having to remove stop/fence clamping knob each time.

Clash of handles on bead roller-clamp-handles.jpg

Silly mistake to make but was able to come up with a quick fix
The Home Engineer