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Thread: Cleaning a wind turbine - GIF

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    Cleaning a wind turbine - GIF

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    I question the effectiveness to the way the cleaning is being done. Of course, the leading edge would eventually be cleaned but after how many rotations and what about the trailing surfaces. Those wind turbines are shut down many times from either low wind speeds or scheduled Maintenace. I the blades were stopped and 1 was in the down position wouldn't it make more sense to clean it then, the spray could be directed all along all surfaces of the blade then the turbine could rotate till the next blade was down. It would save a lot of water too.

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    Not very efficient - 1. How often is this cleaning done? 2. What does each "cleaning" cost, in labor and wasted water? Renewal energy vs huge waste of water and the cost to get the water to remote sites, generators and pumps, possible water run-off issues etc. How are the turbines located offshore - cleaned?

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    This is how it's done when you are the inspector and your brother in law owns a couple pressure trucks. just like the government works!

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