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Thread: CNC grinding a bone screw - GIF

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    CNC grinding a bone screw - GIF

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    Huh. Bone screws are self tappers. You learn something new everyday.

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    I may wind up with one of those in my leg. They are now using titanium screws to mount prosthetics in amputees, so instead of a socket around your stump, you can just pop the leg onto this long, heavy-duty titanium screw that projects from your stump. It's called osseointegration, and the Aussies have really advanced the science. It simplifies the heck out of wearing a prosthesis. You just have to be careful to care for your insertion site to hold off infection.


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    I was trained as a prosthetist and worked as an assistant prosthetist for 4 years. The reason I left? I don't like working that closely with people (the patients) and also the owner of the shop, whom I was stuck with for 7 hours a day in a fairly small space, had a split personality in my opinion. He could be whistling a tune and walk up to the office and walk back into the shop 5 minutes later and scream at me about something. I do believe it affected my health some and would have been detrimental to it if I had stayed.

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