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Thread: Cocktail cozy

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    Cocktail cozy

    Sometimes I enjoy a lemon slushie while watching the 10:00 news with Vicki. Itís just finely crushed ice with a shot of limoncello in it so itís mostly ice. Itís served in a short old-fashioned glass. Itís COLD, uncomfortable to hold, and on humid days the glass sweats profusely. So tonight, after a pleasant day in the shop making chips, I went to my late wife Mary's sewing room and made a limoncello cozy.

    Cocktail cozy-cozy1-hmt.jpg

    Cocktail cozy-cozy2hmt.jpg

    The top is an old sock that was in the rag bag. Socks always get holes in the foot part while the ankle part is still just fine. I cut off the top to use for this project. The bottom is heavy duck cloth. The stretchy ankle part of the sock will accommodate the glasses in Vickiís cupboard while the flat bottom will enable it to sit stably on a desk, table or floor.

    Critical observers might note that I got the top inside out. It took me awhile to figure out how to sew this together. I did it on a Singer 328. Oh well, if there is ever a Mark II Iíll probably get that right next time Ė and this will serve its intended purpose just fine.
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