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Thread: Collapsing burning building - videos

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    Some conspiracy theorists believe that could not happen.

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    We made fire rated and blast resistant doors in our company in Kuwait as part of 1 of our divisions.
    we sent 10 doors of various sizes and composites to each of 4 different testing labs 10 to the USA 10 to Germany 10 to Asia and 10 to a lab right there in Kuwait. to be destroyed by fire bullets blasting compounds and even water if they failed to be destroyed.
    Water is very destructive when it comes in contact with super heated materials.
    A concrete building as many are constructed with in the middle east can withstand extreme temperatures for a long time after steel will weaken and fail but it doesn't take very much water sprayed at high pressures and velocities to cause even the strongest of materials to fail.
    Once a couple of supports are compromised either by the fire itself or the cooling of water the weight above is going to cause the whole building to come down.
    the Twin towers were a prime example of this. Even if those planes had struck within the upper few floors the buildings were doomed.
    The B25 bomber that crashed into the Empire State building in 1945 had the potential to have done the same thing the only thing that saved that building was there was insufficient fuel load to sustain a large enough fire for long enough. that plus much of the steel in the empire state building is clad in thick masonry unlike the towers were.
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    What hit me watching this it the whole building is burning and they are squirting water into two windows. There might be some firefighters we cannot see on the other sides, but it sure looks like a futile effort.

    As Frank mentioned above the water seems to have been part of the problem. The failure seems to begin where they were squirting the water.

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