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Thread: Collated nails made from wood - video

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    Collated nails made from wood - video

    Collated nails made from wood. Compressed beech, plus "lignin welding" (AKA "mechanically induced wood welding", or "wood bonding by vibrational welding", or, you guessed it: "friction wood welding"). Besides the magical powers of friction, not exactly sure how or why, but I figured someone here will know. 1:32 video:



    Hammer with collated nail dispenser by michaelyoung4190 - video -

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    My first thought was little more than driving tooth picks so I was wondering about the shear strength then I went to their web site. The beech wood selected for its cell structure Ok I get that, then I read where the wood was compressed, OK again forced compaction of cell structure is much akin to forging steel to make it stronger by compacting the molecules closer together.
    The cells in wood naturally would not be a solid closely compacted state since a tree has to get moisture and nutrients through out its mass or it could not live.
    OK compacting the cells yeas I see how that would add a small amount of strength but not significantly I wouldn't think. Then finally I found where a resin is infused with the cellular structure as the compaction process takes place. BINGO a bonding agent. Now the wooden nails are more of a composite than just my tooth pick thought.
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    I wonder about the cost? Probable cheaper than stainless.


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    I remember seeing something similar at a woodworking trade show a few years ago. It was a special mail gun that shoots plastic nails. The whole idea was if the wood was ever cut it wouldn’t ruin blades by hitting nails.

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