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Thread: Combination Drill and Countersink Stand for sizes #00000 through #1

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    Combination Drill and Countersink Stand for sizes #00000 through #1

    I have been following the wonderful tool making work at the website Adventures in Watchmaking** - Home. I highly recommend seeing the website for the work products made mainly with a Cowells 90CW lathe and using many homemade attachments and tools for the 90CW.

    One of the website articles is for a brass stand for holding the very small Keo combination drill and countersinks which all have body diameters of 0.125". I made my stand from 3/4" dia. C360 brass rod and performed the knurling on my 7" swing mini lathe. The brass part is 0.740" dia. by 1" tall and drilled with eight 0.125" dia. and evenly spaced holes that are 0.4" deep.

    Combination Drill and Countersink Stand for sizes #00000 through #1-index-drilling-combination-drill-countersink-stand.jpg

    The brass stand is photographed on my Unimat SL 1000 where I used a small Unimat dividing head to drill the evenly spaced holes. The drilling used a homemade depth stop on the milling head to consistently drill to 0.400" deep (the end of the depth stop can be seen in the upper right of the middle photo).

    Combination Drill and Countersink Stand for sizes #00000 through #1-combination-drill-countersink-stand.jpg


    Paul Jones

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    Thanks Paul! I've added your Drill and Countersink Stand to our Machining and Storage and Organization categories, as well as to your builder page: Paul Jones' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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